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Iconic bicycle

designs through the ages

Embacher\'s book, published by Thames & Hudson, features more than 100 bikes from the 1925 Vialle Vlastic to the trusty 2009 Brompton


The book is categorised into varieties of bike, such as this \'curiosity\': a Vialle\'s 1925 Vlastic


One of the book\'s racing bikes: a 1980 Berma Professional from Italy


Another racer: a 1990 Giotto by Cinetica, Italy


Mountain bike: a 1992 Beamer by Breezer, USA


A racing curiosity: Brit Bob Jackson\'s tricycle from 1995


An urban folder: a 1950 "Inconnu" from France


This 1983 Trussardi is another classic urban folder from Italy


A touring folder: the 1990 New World Tourist from Bike Friday, USA


Urban curiosities: the 1978 Pedersen from Solling, Denmark


A tandem curiosity: the 1980 Bi Bici from Tur Meccanica, Italy


A kids classic: the French MFA \'Lambretta\' from circa 1960


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